Map Your Freedom
Home Study Course

"Not only am I giving you the Map...
I am also giving you the Compass"

Complete step by step system for successful recruiting.

  • • Introduction to Map Your Freedom
  • • Map Your Freedom Book, 2nd Edition (mailed to you)
  • • The complete 8 module course in PDF format
  • • DLC's (Downloadable Content)
    • » Prospecting XLS Spreadsheet Calculator
    • » Part-timer Goal Certificate
    • » Full-timer Goal Certificate
  • • 1+ Hour of Personal One-On-One Coaching

Let's take a look at what you will recieve when you decide to MAP YOUR FREEDOM!

Module 1

What is Network Marketing

  • In-depth inside look into Network Marketing
  • Comparisons between Jobs, Franchise and Network Marketing
  • Network Marketing is the Perfect Opportunity
  • Criteria for selecting a Network Marketing Company

Module 2

A Business of Leverage, Duplication and Multiplication

  • Understanding why Leverage is so Important
  • Duplication and the phases you will go through
  • How multiplication creates depth in your organization
  • Maintaining your PV

Module 3

How to succeed in Network Marketing

  • Bridges of failure and success
  • 30 ways to success
  • Understanding why people fail
  • The Networkers Mindset

Module 4

Prospects and Prospecting
Systems A, B and C

  • Who are prospects and where do I find them
  • Memory Jogger and Spread Sheet
  • Understanding objections and questions
  • Criteria for selecting a Network Marketing Company

Module 5

Natural Approach
System D

  • What to say and when to say it!
  • Getting the conversation started
  • Ice Breakers
  • Asking the right questions and avoid conversation blunders

Module 6

Natural Presentation
System E

  • Getting prepared for presentation
  • Understanding the 4 types of audiences you will be presenting to
  • Key points and qualifiying prospects
  • Consumers, Distributors, Leaders and Big Gathering Presentations

Module 7

Follow-Up, Follow-Through
and Drip System F

  • Understanding why the follow-up is so important
  • Follow-up strategies using email
  • Building a drip system
  • Building retention using the 3 funnels theory

Module 8

Goals, Commitment and Coaching

  • Goal Setting using S.M.A.R.T.
  • Confirmation for part-time and full-time networkers
  • Understanding accountabilty and being accountable
  • Becoming the trainer, coach and mentor

Map Your Freedom Home Study Course

Work at your own pace

Home Study Course

$297.00 includes

  • Map Your Freedom Book, Second Edition
    (mailed to you)
  • 8 Modules & Worksheets
  • Full access to DLC's (Downloadable Content)
  • 1 hour of personal coaching