Map Your Freedom

2016 Second Edition
Updated and revised for successful business building and recruiting.

  • Author: Fatemi Ghani
  • Format: Paper Back
  • Introduction by: Dr. Josephine Gross
  • Forward by: Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter
  • ISBN: 9780692767429
  • A Guide for Entrepreneurs in Network Marketing

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Map Your Freedom

The book was written for individuals who are just beginning in Network Marketing, Distributors within a company who are struggling or Veteran Network Marketers needing a teaching system for their teams, no matter what company they are in.

Written by, world class network marketer, Fatemi Ghani. A top recruiter, coach and entrepreneur maker who has traveled to over 45 countries. In his travels he has used the Map Your Freedom system to promote health and wellness and financial freedom to over 800,000 customers and distributors worldwide and used the exact system to open up 6 new countries with his business opportunity.

The 5 Parts of Map Your Freedom

The foundation of your business begins here!

Many people around the globe have tried network marketing and have failed and for some they have failed miserably, costing them 1,000's of dollars. If only they had a plan to follow in the form of a map and compass to guide their every move in building the proper foundation for their business, they may have seen success.

The following 5 parts of the book are the key areas that could have made all the difference!

This part explains Network Marketing, industry, facts and figures, who is involved in this industry and what is the business potential. Why network marketing is the perfect opportunity. Discusses the life of a networker and living the dream.

This part covers what you will need to know and what you will need to do before starting in any Network Marketing business. This is the section where you will be introduced to the 6 systems used by the author to create his financial success and within 4 years quit his full time job which ultimately lead to achieving financial freedom.

This part covers what you will have to do on a daily and weekly basis for the expansion of your Network Marketing business. It covers areas like Coaching, Goal Setting, Affirmation, Accountability, How to manage your business and why people fail.

This part covers areas you will have to work on yourself to grow further in your life and your Network Marketing business. Topics include: Personal Growth, Education Changes Everything®, Developing People Skills, Coaching/Mentoring, Customer Service and Customer Loyalty.

This part covers what you can get and what you can give from your Network Marketing business. From quitting your day-time job to building a legacy. How the Power of Giving leads to the Joy of Giving

Within the 5 Parts...

The 6 Proven Systems A ~ F That Leads To Success!

The Prospect

System A ~ Identifying who your prospects are, how to create a list, prioritize your list and make new contacts everyday is what this system is all about.

Objections and Questions

System B ~ Understanding objections and why you need to be asking the right questions is vital to your success.

Business Marketing Tools

System C ~ Your marketing tools represent you and your business. This system will aid you in identifying and keeping your information base current.

Natural Approach

System D ~ The Natural Approach was developed to enable you to prospect in a natural way. Using the Natural Approach will build rapport, trust and authority.

Natural Presentation

System E ~ Giving presentations is the core of network marketing. This system will help identfy the different groups you will be presenting to.


System F ~ Failure to follow up after a presentation can lead to mis-opportunity. This system was designed to ensure that you do follow up!

We want you to write in this book!

Throughout the book you will find dozens of exercises for you to fill in the blanks. !

We know that by not only reading but also taking action will increase your retention of the information that is being covered.

"With Map Your Freedom...

not only am I giving you a map, I am also handing you a compass."

- Fatemi Ghani

Map Your Freedom

Second Edition Updated and Revised

The Complete Guide

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