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A complete system
for Network Marketers

"Not only am I giving you the Map, I am also giving you the Compass to discover personal and financial Freedom"

-Fatemi Ghani, World Class Network Marketer and Success Coach

Map Your Freedom Book

was written for people who are looking to get into Network Marketing, just getting started, who are struggling or the veteran networker.

It is a guide that not only provides you with a map but also the compass that dives deep into what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. Fatemi Ghani, is a top coach and entrepreneur maker with well over 800,000 customers and distributors in his global network. Since 2003, Fatemi Ghani has traveled the globe to over 45 countries teaching Map Your Freedom and helped many startup entrepreneurs become successful.

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Home Study Course

Work at your own pace.

Consisting of 8 Modules digitally delivered, you will work at your own pace through a series of straight forward easy to understand lessons and exercises. You will build a Workbook that you can reference when you're on the go!

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Map Your Freedom Home Study Course

Personal Coaching

Our Coaching programs are tailored specifically to you.

Everyone has different levels of knowledge bases and sometimes they just need to be put in the right order. Together we will begin by exploring your needs as a Network Marketer and define your strengths and weaknesses. You will be introduced to our system and we will show you how to implement it into your daily routine. We will build a benchmark and measure your progress.

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Fatemi Ghani

World Class Training for Network Marketers

Let's take your business to the next level!

Here are the systems that I developed and still use to build my global network of over 400,000.

The same systems that I have taught in 45 countries to 100,000+ Network Marketers and Direct Selling Professionals just like you.

The Prospect

System A ~ Identifying who your prospects are, how to create a list, prioritize your list and make new contacts everyday is what this system is all about.

Objections and Questions

System B ~ Understanding objections and why you need to be asking the right questions is vital to your success.

Business Marketing Tools

System C ~ Your marketing tools represent you and your business. This system will aid you in identifying and keeping your information base current.

Natural Approach

System D ~ The Natural Approach was developed to enable you to prospect in a natural way. Using the Natural Approach will build rapport.

Natural Presentation

System E ~ Giving presentations is the core of network marketing. This system will help identfy the different groups you will be presenting to.


System F ~ Failure to follow up after a presentation can lead to mis-opportunity. This system was designed to ensure that you do follow up!

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No matter what network marketing company you are with, I am offering you an opportunity to get access to the exact systems and tools that I used to become a respected world class network marketer.

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